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Gaëlle believes the world needs better role models, not just in politics but in the workplace, in communities and in families. She made it her mission to fuel positive transformation, helping people become the best version of themselves, by tapping into their authentic selves, identifying their purpose and defining a motivating and rewarding future.


She has 25 years’ Corporate and Entrepreneur experience, holding senior roles in International Marketing including 10 years in Learning & Development where she specialised in Leadership, Training, Facilitation and Executive Coaching with SABMiller and the Coca-Cola company where she was a Global Faculty member of their University. Over the years, she has

  • Coached 200+ executives including High Potential Women
  • Trained 500+ executives across Europe Middle East Africa
  • Addressed audiences of up to 2,000 people

She was on the Executive Committee of Appletiser South Africa.

Gaëlle’s energy is contagious, combining a high dose of positivity with a can-do attitude. She also possesses great charisma, strong interpersonal skills and has built many fruitful multi-cultural relationships internationally,  working with 35 countries on 4 continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Africa).

She is a keen advocate of women empowerment, an author and speaker and works pro bono for selected charities and schools.

  • Coached High Potential Women globally
  • Designed her own online training course on the Art Of Confidence, to equip women with the mindset and skills to thrive and step up as authentic and confident leaders
  • Published a series of coaching books for parents to develop value based meaningful conversations with their children. 50% of the profits go to children charity
  • Designed pro bono a 3-day Leadership Program for a Youth Charity, facilitated 2x 3-day
  • Spoke at Secondary Schools in London on topics such as “Making an Impact”, “Networking” and “The Interview of your life”
  • Spoke at the Institute of Directors on the “Power of Storytelling”

GAELLE'S credentials

  • Kedge Graduate Business school in Bordeaux, France
  • MBA program at Boston College, USA 
  • 12 months Leadership Excellence for Accelerated Performance with Harvard Business School
  • Performance Coaching International (PCI) Executive Coaching Certification
  • Qualified Global Faculty at the Coca-Cola University (Franklin Covey & Korn Ferry certified)
  • Strategies for Value Creation Executive Training at London Business School, UK
  • The Science of Wellbeing 10-week online program with Yale University, USA
  • Tony Robbins 4-week live intensive Mastery University
  • Her program is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified: the world’s leading and largest independent accreditation institution. Prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge are CPD accredited too.
  • Member of the ICF
  • Certified 200h Yoga Teacher accredited by the Yoga Alliance


Gaëlle is available for speaking at events.

Her areas of expertise are around:

  • Thriving in testing times
  • Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • The art of confidence
  • 30 confidence boosters
  • 17 most common confidence killers and their antidotes
  • How to hack your fears
  • 150 tools for the 8 areas self-care
  • The power of positivity
  • Finding your Ikigai
  • Productivity
  • Mind, body, soul fitness
  • Why values matter
  • Making an impact
  • How to Kintsugi yourself 
  • Turning pain into power
  • Fabulous at 50 +



  • Fuel positive transformation 
  • Help you experience the thrill of an accelerated awakening: body, mind and spirit


  • Courageous
  • Authentic
  • Supportive
  • Joie de vivre
  • Playfulness
  • Optimism
  • Love of learning
  • Connection


  • The world needs better role models and better leaders
  • Everybody has the potential to lead
  • Coaching is a powerful process to reach your full potential and should be available to more people, earlier in life
  • Some of the most important skills in life (confidence, leadership, self-management and self-awareness to name a few) are not taught at school or at work, yet are fundamental to a successful and happy life
  • Women have been held back for centuries. Men and Women can help change that and ensure women can show up confidently in the world and reach their full potential
  • Tapping into Eastern and Western wisdom and practices provides a richer toolbox in the search of self-realisation and happiness

The inspiration behind G FORCE'S name and logo

1. G-Force:

What you experience when you accelerate: each of her programs will make you experience the thrill of an accelerated awakening: body, mind and spirit.

2. Golden Force:

Inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakages with gold. This philosophy when applied to the Human Spirit, helps people shift their mindset around their broken bits and mishaps. People can re-evaluate them as part of their unique history, which adds to their beauty. The woman silhouette in the logo shows the golden marks of repair.

3. Gail Force:

When Gaëlle arrived in the UK, her manager nicknamed her Gail Force, as she was full of energy. The analogy of strong winds symbolises natural strength, energy, life force, which Gaëlle has in abundance and will spread in your life, awakening your own life Force.


Internationally acclaimed Soprano, Professor and Creative Director Chen Reiss and myself, Gaëlle Deschamps, Leadership and Confidence Coach co-founded the Holistic Voice Academy in 2023.

We created the programs we wish we had earlier in our careers.

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Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer Jenny Stones and myself, Gaëlle Deschamps, Leadership and Confidence Coach co-founded the Goddess Academy in 2023.

Jenny and myself are committed to empower women, help women thrive and reconnect to their essence and feminine powers. We do this through dance, bodily expression and coaching.

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The book collection aims to ignite magical, meaningful, and soul feeding conversations. Each book creates deeper bonds between parents and children. Ideal for primary school aged children.

The author Gaëlle and her daughter Pénélope believe values are at the core of human identity, family life and self-realization. The collection focuses on important morale values, one value per book.

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See what her clients say about Gaëlle and her programs

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