"Gaëlle is a fabulous coach, I highly recommend her.
I cannot emphasise enough on the crucial role that our mind and confidence play in the way we present ourselves in life. Gaëlle's programme will change your life, as it changed mine."
Chen Reiss
Internationally acclaimed Soprano
"Gaëlle is utterly inspiring in her positivity, effervescence, spark and charisma. She has real depth and I am really loving working with her. The approach, the content and the programme are beautifully thought through."
VP Unilever
"The solid methodology along with the team work really helped me to work deeper than I had before and gain clarity while really boosting my confidence level."
Manager Apple, France
“This course helped me get my dream job”
Manager at OCDE, Paris, France
"Gaëlle is simply a beautiful human being with a huge heart. Her energy is limitless, her positivity infectious and her loyalty and drive unquestionable. Gaëlle has a real passion to transform something strong into something superb, always committed to excellence and her move into coaching really plays to this strength. Gaëlle is fun loving and always quick to smile, generous with praise and always on the lookout for the upside of the situation, bringing enthusiasm to people, groups and organisations. Simply put, everyone feels better about life when they are around Gaëlle!!
Tony Holmes
Chief Operating Officer, UK
"Gaëlle is in simple words and incredibly energetic-empowered woman. She is just like having a battery at your side that, with her energy, spreads it all around generating positive motion and traction in everyone around inspiring the very best of the team. But beyond that, Gaëlle´s superpower is definitely human coaching and development. She simply made me grow and improve my leadership skills in just 3 days more than anyone else did in my entire life. A big THANK YOU for everything, GRACIAS dear Gaëlle."
Rocio Almodovar
Europe Connection Manager @The Coca-Cola Company, Spain
"The first time I met Gaëlle in real life was during a training she was giving. She was so inspiring, spreading a positive energy. I felt directly energised and safe. Safe to express myself, to make mistakes, to learn and unlearn. After this training, she was always there to give advice and support. She is a beautiful person and I feel very lucky to know her."
Aline Lemaire
Marketing Director @ The Coca-Cola Company, Belgium
"Gaëlle's coaching and 10-Step process has been an incredible experience. It’s one of the best things I have done for myself. Gaëlle is amazing. I would recommend her to anybody!"
Kelley Nelson
Physician, Santa Fe, USA
"After this programme, I feel EXTRA-ORDINARY! I feel ready to take on the world"
Business Owner, USA
"Coaching sessions with Gaëlle are so effective! Even though I did so many self development programs before, I had so many breakthroughs!"
Communication Coach, Poland
"Gaëlle is a powerful woman, so knowledgeable. She has done the research. She is also kind and generous. She designed an amazing coaching program - well done Gaëlle!"
Lawyer, Swizertland
"Working with Gaëlle was like putting all the pieces together, finishing the puzzle, connecting the dots. Suddenly it made sense."
Therapist, London
"Gaëlle is out of this world! She is an incredible coach. She made me cry but she also made me feel confident and set me up for success for my next chapter."
Serial Entrepreneur, UK
"Gaëlle is incredible! She is full of energy, smiles, and beauty. She adapts her style to every person in the coaching group. She allowed me to be my true self and speak my truth. That's a game changer for me."
Financial Director, UK
"Gaëlle is very very positive, she sees the best in people and brings out the best in people. Her coaching sessions are unique and informative. She makes the space very safe, so you can be your true self, explore, share, let go of your fears and gives you the tools to set you up for a great life. "
Lawyer, Australian living in London
"I came to Gaëlle with a broken heart and within a week, I felt different. I now know my worth and care less about others' opinions. "
Engineer and coder, London