Feeding your mind, body and soul

We offer extraordinary and unforgettable four to seven-day retreats in a 15,000 square feet Château in the beautiful Loire Valley, France.

A symbol of transformation for over eight centuries, the Château and its grounds have been fully renovated to their original grandeur. The Château provides a stunning countryside environment to disconnect, reconnect with yourself, your life force and nature. Its Japanese garden and Buddha circle provide a space for peaceful, serene and meditative moments. Peacocks, ducks, swans and hens parade on the grounds for your delight and you can pick fresh eggs daily.

Enjoy the heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, yoga studio or chill in one of the 5 lounges, play a game of pool or wonder around 4 hectares of private gardens.

Enjoy delicious and nutritious French food, lovingly made on site every day.

Get a good idea of what’s awaiting…watch the video of the Château and the testimonial video!

100% of our previous participants would recommend our retreats to a friend or colleague

We have a range of unique and exciting retreats for you in 2024…

…which one will take your fancy?

Is giving a TED talk on your bucket list?

Do you want to take your career to the next level?

If so, we have something very exciting for you…join us on this unique opportunity

The Goddess Academy is about finding your why, crushing your fears, planning your life in order to reach your full potential, allowing yourself to dream big, and crafting a path to make it happen.

It’s about understanding the real power of being a woman, unleashing your feminine energy and becoming a hotter version of yourself to run your world with sass!

It’s also finding a new tribe with a  hunger to succeed, a real sense of resilience and hard work.
It’s being surrounded by inspiring and supportive women with different cultures, backgrounds, traditions, lifestyles, ages, social status, professions and aspirations. Meeting women who have your back, lift you up, celebrate your small wins and help you reach your goals.

The Goddess Academy is not a conventional retreat but an intensive one where we shake up our ideas and beliefs, dig deep, plant seeds, laugh, cry, awaken our inner voice, rekindle our flame, and craft our future.

If this resonates with you, Jenny and I will be honoured to hear your story and help you write the sequel.

Thank you 2023 and 2024 Goddesses for your trust, your kindness and for inspiring us!

Looking forward to connecting with the 2025 cast! Wanna join us?

See below the Choreography and film by Jenny Stone from the 2023 Goddess Academy. 

Have a look at the TV and Press coverage we received in our Contorture and Coaching 2024 retreat.

Side effects often experienced during and after our retreats and trainings...

  • Feeling elated, heightened and expanded
  • Feeling alive, out of auto pilot mode
  • Newfound levels of energy and drive
  • Hungry for more
  • Impatient to start your next chapter
  • Waking up before your alarm clock
  • An extra spring in your step


"After this programme, I feel EXTRA-ORDINARY! I feel ready to take on the world"

David, Florida, USA

"It has been one of the most wonderful, life-affirming week of my life."

Andrea, South African living in Australia

"Thank you for a beyond magical and special week. Truly. Life-changing.”

Andrea, NYC, USA

"Gaëlle is the most positive woman I met in my life.”

Leyli, Iranian living in Germany

"This place is a Sanctuary.”

Maitre Dominique Saatenang, Public Figure, Buddhist monk, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Double Vice World Champion of Kung Fu. The African Bruce Lee.

"I felt very powerful and in the zone when I sang Friday at the concert after going through this intensive week of 24/7 positive thoughts, actions, movement, it’s like living in high energy emotions.”

Chen Reiss, Internationally acclaimed Soprano

"My week at the Chateau has surpassed all my expectations"

Nikki, London

"This programme and place is just heaven"

Andrea, Australia

" I have transformed faster in 6 days than years of therapy "

Kesh, London

"I have had so many ah ah moments. It's been amazing. It has exceeded my expectations"

Tessa, London

"Despite a very difficult personal and family situation, I felt so powerful in just 3 days"

Liron, Israel

"My week at the Chateau was powerful. Such transformation in just a week. Incredible. Just wow!"

Francis, Angers, France

"I will remember this week all my life"

Francis, Angers, France

"Everything was amazing and I fell in love with the food!"

Mami, Japan

"I am going to be a better person, a better leader, a better mother, a better wife"

Joy, London

"I have reconnected with my dreams"

Rufus, Manchester

"I got to sleep in a Queen's bed!"

Tina, London

"I found my tribe!"

Sarah, Berlin

"It's amazing on every level. It makes you turn a corner"

Joy, London

"The solid methodology along with the team work really helped me to work deeper than I had before and gain clarity while really boosting my confidence level"

Caroline, Paris

"A decision you won't regret!"

Izzy, Paris

"Gaëlle is a Life Force Goddess"

Asia, San Francisco, USA

"Gaëlle is a loving visionary"

Pablo, San Diego, USA

Gaëlle is magnificent, elegant and hilarious"

Solomon, Ibiza, Spain

"It's been incredible! It's the most unique experience I have ever had. This new unedited version of me makes me feel alive and whole"

Lucy, London

"Thank you again Gaëlle. I can see you have been, are and will clearly continue to be a catalyst for change in lives - in big/or a myriad of small ways. They all count. Well done lady, you make a mark on this world"

Tara, San Francisco, USA

"Coming to this retreat is an investment in yourself. I return home full of energy, excited about the changes ahead"

Aline, Brussels

"It's been tremendous for me. This programme has absolutely met my objectives. 110%!"

Gary, L.A.

"Gaëlle is utterly inspiring in her positivity, effervescence, spark and charisma. She has real depth and I am really loving working with her. The approach, the content and the programme are beautifully thought through."

Gary, L.A., USA

"I give this retreat experience the highest possible recommendation. Wholly transformative"

Rufus, Manchester (two times participant)

"After this retreat, I like myself and I trust myself more. A switch has happened."

Salia, French living in London

"Gaëlle, you're so strong and inspiring. I want to be you when I grow up: not giving up on who I am, not giving up on my dreams."

Moran, Tel Aviv, Israel

"A completely immersive, thought provoking and transformative escape. Everything is provided to enable a nurturing environment of real positive change."

Rufus, Manchester (two times participant)

"I will remember this week all my life."

Francis, France

Gaёlle‘s programme is CPD certified. Continuing Professional Development is the world’s leading and largest independent accreditation institution.  Prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge are CPD accredited too. This is a great seal of approval rewarding the high quality, structure and learning methods used in this programme.

Her credentials:

  • Kedge Graduate Business school in Bordeaux, France
  • MBA program exchange student at Boston College, USA including a 4-week educational trip to Asia
  • 12 months Leadership Excellence for Accelerated Performance with Harvard Business School
  • Performance Coaching International (PCI) Executive Coaching Certification
  • Qualified Global Faculty at the Coca-Cola University (Franklin Covey & Korn Ferry certified)
  • Strategies for Value Creation Executive Training at London Business School, UK
  • The Science of Wellbeing 10-week online program with Yale University, USA
  • Tony Robbins 4-week live intensive Mastery University
  • Member of the ICF
  • Her programme is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified: the world’s leading and largest independent accreditation institution.  Prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge are CPD accredited too.
  • Certified 200h Yoga Teacher accredited by the Yoga Alliance