Life changing. Unlike any other training.

about the holistic voice academy

Internationally acclaimed Soprano, Professor and Creative Director Chen Reiss and myself, Gaëlle Deschamps, Leadership and Confidence Coach co-founded the Holistic Voice Academy in 2023.

We created the programs we wish we had earlier in our careers.

Our Vision:

Create and deliver original memorable transformative training programs to turn students into fulfilled artists.

Our Mission:

Empower students with unique proven skills, techniques, habits, mindsets and beliefs which will serve them a lifetime so they can be authentic, empowered, confident and fulfilled artists, starting now.

Our Values:

  • International
  • Inclusive
  • Authentic
  • Connection
  • Playful
  • Adventurous
  • Courageous

We currently run this an ambitious and unique educational project to:

– Equip singers with a holistic set of tools

– Combat the critics (the inner critic as well as outer ones)

– Feel confident, optimistic and empowered

– Deepen the connection body, mind and spirit

– Help singers find their uniqueness and craft their legacy

– Provide incredible and unique stage opportunities

– Fast track their careers

We run this program yearly in London and in the Loire Valley, France. 

upcoming dates

Limited to 8 spaces. 

2025 dates tbc. Contact us to be on the waiting list.

Watch a short video of our previous HVA London.

Limited to 8 spaces. First come first served basis.

Residential, all inclusive with an opportunity to perform at a concert au Château on the last evening.

Watch a short video of our previous HVA au Château



“The Holistic Voice Academy is truly Life Changing”

Liron, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“My week au Château has been powerful. Such transformation in just a week. Incredible. Just wow!

Francis, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“I will remember this week all my life”

Participant, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“This week has been a Confidence Booster, for sure. It’s been AMAZING. We’ve really formed a Tribe, we are really supportive of each other!”

Ayala, 2023 HVA London

“Chen is incredible”

Romi, 2023 HVA London

“Out of 5 stars, how many stars would I give this program? 1 million!”

Mami, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“It’s an amazing program. I loved the connection between the singers, we were so supportive of each other, like family”

Dasha, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“I have never done something so inspiring! This program is very special. Chen and Gaëlle gave me so much energy, I will never forget my time here

Leyli, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“Gaëlle is like sunshine in the room”

Hannah, 2023 HVA London

“I felt very powerful and, in the zone, when I sang for the concert after going through this intensive week of 24/7 positive thoughts, actions, movement. It’s like living in high energy emotions”

Chen, 2023 HVA au Château, France

“It was an experience I did not know I needed”

Nika, 2024 HVA London

“It’s very seldom in our world that you feel seen. I am so grateful I experienced it with you”

Maya, 2024 HVA London

“After my first Holistic Voice Academy, I went for an audition and felt super confident. I felt amazing.”

Leyli, 2024 HVA London