Empowering. Intensive. Emotional. Fun. Playful. Safe. Sassy. Stretching. Rewarding. Memorable. Life enhancing.

about the goddess academy

Professional dancer, teacher and choreographer Jenny Stones and myself, Gaëlle Deschamps, Leadership and Confidence Coach co-founded the Goddess Academy in 2022.

Jenny and myself are committed to empower women, help women thrive and reconnect to their essence and feminine powers.

We do this through dance, bodily expression, play and coaching. 

Our Vision:

Create and deliver unique, memorable, and transformative programs to help women reconnect with their feminine powers and thrive.

Our Mission:

Empower women with unique proven skills, techniques, habits, mindsets and beliefs that will serve them a lifetime so they can be authentic, empowered, confident in their mind, body and soul, starting now.

Our Values:

  • International
  • Inclusive
  • Authentic
  • Connection
  • Playful
  • Adventurous
  • Courageous

The Goddess Academy is about finding your why, crushing your fears, planning your life to reach your full potential, allowing yourself to dream big, and crafting a path to make it happen.

It’s about understanding the real power of being a woman, unleashing your feminine energy and becoming a hotter version of yourself to run your world with sass!

It’s also finding a new tribe with a  hunger to succeed, a real sense of resilience and hard work.
It’s being surrounded by inspiring and supportive women with different cultures, backgrounds, traditions, lifestyles, ages, social status, professions and aspirations. Meeting women who have your back, lift you up, celebrate your small wins and help you reach your goals.

The Goddess Academy is not a conventional retreat but an intensive one where we shake up our ideas and beliefs, dig deep, plant seeds, laugh, cry, awaken our inner voice, rekindle our flame, and craft our future.

If this resonates with you, reach out.

We run this program yearly au Chateau de Vezins in the Loire Valley, France. 

We have 2 formats:

  • The Goddess Academy: an intense weeklong retreat
  • The Goddess Weekender: a 3-day program for those with time constraints

upcoming dates

28th April to 4th May 2025

Delivered in English.

7 days / 6 nights intensive retreat.

Limited to 10 spaces. 

First come first served basis.

Residential, all-inclusive.

Watch a short video of our previous Goddess Academy.

24- 27th April 2025

Delivered in French/programme en français.

Un week-end de 3 jours et 3 nuits pour se transformer!

Limited to 10 spaces.

First come first served basis.

Residential, all-inclusive.



“I would recommend this retreat to any woman who wants to rediscover her femininity, who wants to work on her confidence, spend a great week in an amazing Château, and have this transformational experience.”

“I would give the Goddess Academy 5 stars!”

Elena, Communication Coach, Poland

“The setting is incredible, it’s stunningly beautiful and spiritual. It’s as if you are taken away in a different time. The program is a real challenge (I had never danced in heels before) for the body and the soul. It’s a lot of new things. You learn to open up too. Both Jenny and Gaëlle are amazing teachers. Overall everything is top top top-notch. I loved it. And it’s unbelievable value for money.

How many stars would I give this program? 5 million stars!!!”

Anne, Lawyer, Switzerland

“My experience at the Goddess Academy has been incredible!

I was very nervous initially but now the group feels like family! I connected to myself and others in ways I did not know I could. I can’t believe how much change happened this week. I can now see myself in a positive light and I found my Ikigai. I am so happy. It was such a good investment in me. I already have the return on my investment!”

Angela, Therapist, London

“The week has been fabulous. I would describe The Goddess Academy as female empowerment, sexiness, and sassiness. The Château is out of this world, and the food absolutely amazing. I love Jenny, she has such a great aura, she’s got a brilliant way of moving and teaching. I am a total beginner and I felt empowered. It’s been wonderful to sit in that feminine space as I normally sit in the masculine a lot. Gaëlle is a wonderful host and an incredible coach, setting you up for success for your next chapter. This program is for everyone. Women who want to grow, step outside their comfort zone and have fun!”

Rachel, Serial entrepreneur, UK

“My experience at the Goddess Academy was incredible, it was fun, inspiring, and full of love and beauty. I had the best time with the best coaches. I had no idea spending 7 days with strangers could be so transformative and fun! I love being surrounded by women, feminine energy and being able to be your true self.

Narina, Financial Director, London

“The week at the Goddess Academy surpassed my expectations! I have loved every moment at the Château. I feel phenomenal and now very empowered as a woman. I worked on my dance technique, discovered the Art of Confidence programme, been hugged and fed gorgeous food every day and have new life-long friends! You get 24/7 attention…you have got to come!

Brooke, Lawyer, Australian living in London

“I have 3 words for the Goddess Academy: connecting, discovering, and growing. I loved the discussions and the sharing between women of all ages and walks of life. It was very eye-opening. 

Marianna, Engineer, London