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This book collection aims to ignite magical, meaningful, and soul feeding conversations. Each book creates deeper bonds between parents and children. Ideal for primary school aged children.

The author Gaëlle and her daughter Pénélope believe values are at the core of human identity, family life and self-realization. The collection focuses on important morale values, one value per book.

Each book follows a similar structure: the definition of the value, a short story, influential quotes and thinkers, poetry, conversation prompts, questions, beautiful illustrations, and powerful rituals to do with your child…it almost feels like a spiritual ceremony.

  • new take on classic wisdom, promoting “It’s you & me time” routine between parents and their children
  • A great tool for discussion, self-expression and self-discovery

Available in the collection “Its You & Me Time, Let’s Talk About”:

  • Courage
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Confidence
  • Adventure
  • Hope
  • Wisdom
  • Caring for our planet

Written by mum, illustrated by her daughter (she was 8 when they started). Self-motivated. Self-published.

The author Gaëlle is an action girl, full of energy and an eternal optimist. Her purpose is to fuel positive transformation and deep meaningful connections. She is a certified life coach (she helps people be their best self), so this project is very dear to her heart and makes use of a lot she has learnt in her coaching.

The illustrator, her daughter Pénélope, is an art scholar.

Ideal gift for your own children, nephews/nieces,. For birthdays, christening gifts or just because.

50% of the profits from the sale of these books go to children’s charities…because doing good…feels good.

Thank you for your support!



"A truly inspirational piece of art...a real mini toolkit for developping today's children with the correct mindset."
Miss Loureda
Primary school teacher, London
"Of all the titles in this series, this is the one that means the most to me. Kindness is the one of the most important values that we can teach, for it is love and compassion that can truly unite us. This book series is so inspiring; written by a parent and child expressing together, Gaelle (Mother) and Penelope (Daughter) have created a way for the readers, parent and child, to express together. These books are a JOY!"
Jani White
Founder and Creative Director of The American Kindness Project
"Inspiring and enjoyable. A welcome addition to any parents' library!"
Chandru Bhojwani
Actor, father of 2 children
"Loved the fact that this book helps start positive conversations with your children. Great tool to help talk about and encourage discussions on key positive traits. A fabulous present and gift idea as well."
Chetna Patel, mother of 2 girls
"We loved reading this book, perfect for bonding. The quotes made us reflect and discuss the subject of "Kindness", my 7-year-old daughter loved adding her own quote and illustration at the end of the book. Very well written, genuine language. We will look out for the rest of the series when they become available on Amazon."
Jonathan Miller
Business Owner, father of one